Call (865) 544–4144 or book online with Resy.
Our reservation policies are explained below.

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Reservation Policies:

  • Reservations are accepted by phone and a limited number through Resy (see Resy link above in red). 
    Reservations are accepted but must be made with at least 2 hours advance notice of your reservation time.  No reservations are accepted past 4:00 pm on Friday and Saturdays.
  • There may be times where an employee states that a manager must call back to confirm. Please understand this is done only to ensure proper table spacing times for the day requested. 
  • If a specific time is blocked via Resy please call 865.544.4144
  • For larger parties, please call 865.544.4144.  All parties larger than 8 must be reserved with a credit card. 
  • For private rooms or spaces, please call 865.544.4199

Reservation Timing Policy:

  • Parties that are late for their reservation time are given a ten minute grace time. Given the limited seating of the restaurant, fifteen minutes late with no contact will void your reservation. Please understand, this is solely due to the size and seating capacity of the restaurant. If you are late, we urge you to contact us so we can make our best effort to accommodate you and your party. 
  • Due to our limited space and demand, a "No call" and or "No show" will result in a $10 per person charge.